How STOBER values Innovation: It’s what drives us

Continual improvement in the workplace, products, and solutions gives STOBER an advantage over the competition.

STOBER employee completes Boston Marathon

STOBER is not only proud to feature the world’s toughest gearbox, but also some of the world’s toughest people!

How do you differentiate EnDat versions?

There are several versions of EnDat. What are the differences in each one?

Save money with optimal gearbox selection

Don’t waste money on an expensive, under-performing gearbox. Get tips from STOBER for selecting the best gearbox for your application.

How STOBER Values Teamwork

Building a strong team environment is a critical part of STOBER’s culture.

Prevent unplanned downtime with STOBER’s gear reducer

If you’re experiencing premature failure, you need a more durable and reliable solution for your application.

No Oil Changes Required!

How much money do you spend on gearbox oil changes? STOBER’s no maintenance gearboxes will save your team time and money!

Power Tips: Top 3 Reasons to Use the STOBER Configurator

Every supplier has its own product offering, part number structure, and available options. How can you quickly find what you need? In this episode of STOBER’s Power Tips, we will share three benefits of using the STOBER Configurator.

Big Ass Fans names STOBER Drives, Inc. Supplier of the Year

STOBER recognized for 100 percent on-time delivery to Big Ass Fans in 2021.

New Service area to better serve customers

Troubleshooting, diagnostics, repair, and more can be done on both motors and gearboxes.