Meet Gerhardt

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Who is Gerhardt Gearhead?

If you’ve seen a jolly blue mascot dressed in his best lederhosen popping up on our social media lately, you may be wondering about the history of Gerhardt Gearhead.  Gerhardt, as he’s affectionately called, takes pride in his German heritage, and grew up hearing stories about how STOBER’s founders were inspired by ancient designs from Leonardo da Vinci.  The inspiration led to modern innovation and craftsmanship in STOBER’s products as Gerhardt’s father played a major role in establishing STOBER Drives in Maysville, Ky.  

Gerhardt’s background is in Engineering, but he has been known to help in all roles around the office and the plant—answering phones to ensure all lines are answered in three rings or less, helping finish quotes within one hour, packaging and shipping to meet STOBER’s delivery standards, and researching to make sure STOBER gearboxes always maintain the lowest total cost of ownership in the market.

If you see Gerhardt, be sure to ask for an autograph and pose for a picture—he loves to see himself on social media!

Check out Gerhardt’s comic below and keep scrolling for some fun Gerhardt trivia!


Gerhardt Profile

Age:  Top secret, but above the legal drinking age in Germany (16)

Birthday:  Oct. 3 (also German Unity Day)

Favorite Color:  STOBER Blue

Favorite Foods:  Pretzels & beer cheese, McRib (Germany is the only country in which it’s available year-round!)

Favorite Book:  “Alone in Berlin”

Favorite Sport:  Football

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Pforzheim, Germany or The Black Forest in Germany

Drives:  BMW (Those heavy feet have gotten Gerhardt too many American speeding tickets!)

Hobbies:  Painting, signing autographs, posing for pictures, being the #1 STOBER fan


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