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Assembled in America

Because every application is critical to your reputation.

Working with STOBER allows you take advantage of the ultimate breadth of knowledge and breadth of products. Our engineers have sized thousands of applications across a variety of industries.

From gear units to motors to rack and pinion, we have the range you need.


NEMA Gear Units

STOBER makes the world’s toughest gearbox. IP69K Certified, USDA Accepted Equipment, and 3 year warranty all mean our products can withstand the harshest washdowns.

Inline Servo Gear Units

STOBER planetary and servo helical gear units are unrivaled in their precision and options.

Right Angle Servo Gear Units

STOBER’s right angle servo gear units offers mounting flexibility and a variety of outputs.

Right Angle Geared Motors

From helical bevel to planetary, STOBER has geared motor options that fit your requirements.

“We talked to every gearbox manufacturer in the states and overseas, and every one of them would come in and talk ‘Price! Price! Price!’ like that’s the most important thing in the world. STOBER comes in and says, ‘Let’s understand exactly what you are doing and how we can help.'”

– Carey Smith, Retired President of Big Ass Fans


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