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Built and Shipped in 1 Day from Maysville, Kentucky

Every piece of equipment you use is critical to your business.

Our engineers have sized thousands of applications for customers in the most demanding sectors. From gear units to motors to rack and pinion, choosing us as your motor and gearbox suppliers means you have access to everything you might need.


No other servo motor company in the marketplace today has as much to offer as we do. We’re the world’s leading motor and gearbox suppliers because our products’ versatility makes them indispensable in a vast array of industrial applications.

In addition, choosing us as your gearbox company means you benefit from our ability to design solutions for your application’s needs. The four products listed below are just a tiny fraction of everything we have to offer as your servo motor supplier. Explore our full catalog to see everything we can provide for you.

right angle geared motors420
Right Angle Geared Motors

From helical bevel to planetary, STOBER has geared motor options that fit your requirements.

inline servo420
Inline Servo Gear Units

STOBER planetary and servo helical gear units are unrivaled in their precision.

rack and pinion420 2
Rack & Pinion Geared Motors

Our rack and pinion drives can handle high speeds or high force. Choose from flange or shaft options.

cLEAN System

STOBER’s cLEAN System is the ultimate stainless steel solution for harsh washdown environments.

Why Choose STOBER?

Our status as the world’s top gearbox manufacturer didn’t happen overnight. We’ve been fiercely dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality and excellence since 1934. We are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations, and we do so by offering unparalleled service support and the shortest lead times in the industry.
To learn more about how we can meet all your gearbox- and motor-related needs, get in touch today.


“We talked to every gearbox manufacturer in the states and overseas, and every one of them would come in and talk ‘Price! Price! Price!’ like that’s the most important thing in the world. STOBER comes in and says, ‘Let’s understand exactly what you are doing and how we can help.'”

– Carey Smith, Retired President of Big Ass Fans



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