No Oil Changes Required!

How much money do you spend on gearbox oil changes? STOBER’s no maintenance gearboxes will save your team time and money!

no oil required

It’s no secret that STOBER makes the world’s toughest gearbox, but did you know that gearbox doesn’t require oil changes?  Refilling gear reducers with oil, buying replenishment oil, and discarding oil can cost over $250 per oil change, for every line location. Some units may need this done several times a year. Utilizing a factory filled, no maintenance gear reducer that is lubed for life eliminates the need for oil drip pans and drain lines and reduces harborage risk.

KSS stainless steel, K iron, C iron, and F iron reducers require no maintenance due to efficient gearing, housing design, quality components, and expert assembly.  This applies to all units with a food duty or corrosion resistant package.

Reducer housings can dissipate the heat generated during operation much more quickly than the unit can build up thermal pressure, so a breather is not required to vent thermal pressure.  Since the units don’t have a breather, they are completely sealed and don’t require preventive maintenance oil changes.  All STOBER corrosion resistant units are filled with Exxon Mobil SHC 630 and food duty units are filled with SHC Cibus 220-H1.

In addition, STOBER reducers have all gear teeth ground prior to assembly and use neodymium magnetic drain plugs to attract ay wear particles out of the oil bath, preventing them from reaching bearing races and critical seal lips.

The average mean time to failure for STOBER gearboxes in 24/7 harsh environment applications is 9.1 years.  Asset reliability means you can depend on a STOBER gear reducer for years, increasing profits and surpassing plant efficiency and targets.