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How STOBER values Responsibility

STOBER values responsibility. But what does that mean? Check out our blog to read about one employee’s explanation.

Breadth of Product

How STOBER values Innovation: It’s what drives us

Continual improvement in the workplace, products, and solutions gives STOBER an advantage over the competition.

Benefits of World’s Toughest Gearbox

STOBER employee completes Boston Marathon

STOBER is not only proud to feature the world’s toughest gearbox, but also some of the world’s toughest people!

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Save money with optimal gearbox selection

Don’t waste money on an expensive, under-performing gearbox. Get tips from STOBER for selecting the best gearbox for your application.

How STOBER Values Teamwork

Building a strong team environment is a critical part of STOBER’s culture.

Prevent unplanned downtime with STOBER’s gear reducer

If you’re experiencing premature failure, you need a more durable and reliable solution for your application.