Vote for STOBER, Coolest Thing Made in Kentucky

STOBER’s synchronous servo geared motors have been nominated for the 2023 Coolest Thing Made in Kentucky Tournament. Cast your vote today!

STOBER ServoSoft designed for redundant braking

When an assembly line needs to stop immediately due to a hazardous situation, you need STOBER ServoSoft designed for redundant braking power.

STOBER tools and software for the life of your application

STOBER offers several free tools and software to help implement the best mechatronic solution for your application.  

STOBER features bearing options for planetary

STOBER’s planetary series allows you to choose from several bearing options to handle radial or axial loads, optimizing your machine design.

EZ3 motors now assembled in Maysville, Ky.

STOBER Drives, Inc. is proud to announce that EZ3 motors are now being assembled at our Maysville, Ky. facility with a standard one-week lead time.

Using the STOBER Configurator—easy as 1, 2, 3!

Whether it’s a gear unit, motor, or rack and pinion, put down the catalogs and find what you need with a few simple clicks!

Documented Cost Savings

STOBER’s Machine Tool Design features accuracy, stiffness, and longevity

Accuracy, stiffness, and life are all important in machine tool design. STOBER has the knowledge and products to successfully accomplish all three.

STOBER Solutions

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