How STOBER values Innovation: It’s what drives us

Continual improvement in the workplace, products, and solutions gives STOBER an advantage over the competition.

stober core values

Though we might not have the next Albert Einstein in our midst, we are all surrounded by innovators every day.  Everyone has ideas that can make a difference, and STOBER encourages those ideas to be shared.  “The best time to innovate is all the time,” said Jeff Frodge, IT Manager. 

For Frodge, innovation is evident in STOBER’s continual growth to the next generation and commitment to never stop creating.

“Our new products continue to get smaller, tougher, and better performing,” he said.  “We are evolving into a systems company and innovation will help us change structures, the way we train, the way we sell, and the way we work.”  

But the innovation doesn’t stop with products.  At STOBER, the company culture consistently drives improvements. 

“Our Activities Team has a constant string of ideas to make work fun and make employees feel appreciated,” Frodge said.  “The breadth of our benefits is amazing, and there are always new ideas to make them even better.”

Frodge references one of the company’s key fundamentals, “drive improvement and growth of self and others.” 

“By living this fundamental, it can help encourage innovation as we look to create new products and services, new ways to work or automate tasks, and new ways to sell and support our customers,” he said.  “For our customers, our innovation in products and solutions gives us and them an edge over the competition.”