STOBER saves time during machine design

Design engineers deal with numerous obstacles when creating a machine – inefficient supplier communication, limited design time, and unfamiliarity with a brand all add up. These delays can make the engineer miss an important deadline. But don’t worry–STOBER can help overcome these challenges.

Aftermarket support from STOBER

STOBER’s service department offers several levels of expert analysis to inspect products after they have been installed in the field. With a standard five-day turnaround for the basic evaluation, our team is committed to having you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Introducing the Gerhardt Guide

Drumroll, please! Now introducing The Gerhardt Guide, a comic about adventures in the life of Gerhardt Gearhead!

STOBER right-angle geared motors to optimize machine design

Planetary or helical, STOBER has the range of products you need to optimize your machine design. STOBER servo right-angle geared motors are available as either planetary right-angle geared motors or helical-bevel geared motors.

Meet Gerhardt Gearhead, STOBER’s jolly mascot

We’re sure you’ve seen a jolly blue mascot popping up on our social media lately and have begun wondering where he bought those nice lederhosen! The wait is over–Gerhardt Gearhead is ready to share his story. 

STOBER to be featured at Automation Fair forum Nov. 16-17

STOBER Drives, Inc. will be in attendance at Rockwell Automation’s Automation Fair in Chicago on Nov. 16-17, 2022. Representatives will be available in booth 761 to share information about STOBER’s premium gearing solutions.

STOBER synchronous servo motors up for any challenge

STOBER’s synchronous servo motors are compact, dynamic, and powerful.  Direct mounting results in higher torque density and stiffness while reducing inertia by up to 75 percent.

How proper alignment can stop gear reducer failure

Did you know that premature gearbox failure can be caused by gearing misalignment? Keep reading to find out how premature failure can be eliminated by ensuring proper alignment.

STOBER: The environmentally friendly gearbox

Many plants have $1 million of products in the storeroom, plus the cost of time and space to stock, maintain, and manage it. STOBER can help reduce the need for expensive storerooms.

Benefits of World’s Toughest Gearbox