STOBER to be featured at Automation Fair forum Nov. 16-17

STOBER Drives, Inc. will be in attendance at Rockwell Automation’s Automation Fair in Chicago on Nov. 16-17, 2022. Representatives will be available in booth 761 to share information about STOBER’s premium gearing solutions.

STOBER synchronous servo motors up for any challenge

STOBER’s synchronous servo motors are compact, dynamic, and powerful.  Direct mounting results in higher torque density and stiffness while reducing inertia by up to 75 percent.

How proper alignment can stop gear reducer failure

Did you know that premature gearbox failure can be caused by gearing misalignment? Keep reading to find out how premature failure can be eliminated by ensuring proper alignment.

Top 5 advantages of STOBER over motorized pulleys

Heat is the natural enemy of a gearbox, so why not do everything you can to keep the temperature down? STOBER performs at a 12 percent reduction in temperature versus the competition.

How to Prevent Gearbox Water Ingress

Prevent premature gearbox failure with one simple trick—eliminating water or chemical ingress in your gearbox! Read more to learn how.

STOBER Solutions

Benefits of World’s Toughest Gearbox

Prevent unplanned downtime with STOBER’s gear reducer

If you’re experiencing premature failure, you need a more durable and reliable solution for your application.

How STOBER Can Meet Your Exact Custom Application Requirements

Power Tips: Four ways STOBER creates custom solutions for specific applications

Catalog standard options for gearboxes and motors don’t always meet the requirements of application environments. Read more about how STOBER can provide creative solutions to meet your needs.