Gearing up for success: Installation training at food processing plants

The STOBER team takes a hands-on approach to help maintenance crews learn to install STOBER equipment on their food production lines.

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Mark Sticklen, STOBER Power Transmission Regional Manager, and Tanner Kelsch, STOBER Power Transmission Application Engineer, recently returned from on-site installation training at a food processing plant.  The STOBER team took a hands-on approach to help several maintenance crews get up to speed on installing STOBER equipment on their food production lines.

“These training sessions are some of the most rewarding parts of my job,” Sticklen said.  “Seeing the impact is rewarding because food processing plants are the backbone of our food supply chain. By ensuring their equipment is installed correctly, we’re helping them run smoothly and efficiently. This ultimately means getting safe, high-quality food on our tables.”

Sticklen also enjoys building relationships.  He said working directly with the end-users allows STOBER to better understand their specific needs and challenges. “This two-way communication is crucial for developing even better solutions in the future,” he said.

When STOBER visits customers at their location, there’s a combination of classroom instruction and practical installation exercises to ensure the customer’s team is confident and prepared.  STOBER covers technical aspects of the equipment in detail, including functionality, specifications, and proper handling procedures. 

Then, the real magic happens when the team gets hands-on experience with installation procedures, troubleshooting potential issues, and best practices for ongoing maintenance.

“There’s nothing quite like the experience of learning by doing,” Sticklen said.

By the end of the week, the teams at the plants are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to hit the ground running.

“It’s an incredibly satisfying experience to see them feeling confident and prepared to integrate our maintenance-free gearboxes into their operation,” Sticklen said.

The average mean time to failure for STOBER gearboxes in 24/7 harsh washdown environments is 9.1 years.  STOBER’s stainless steel gearbox and new cLEAN System can handle the most stringent cleaning regiments. Backed with a 3-year warranty and ability to ship in one day, say goodbye to headaches caused by premature failures, contamination risks, and costly downtime.

Plus, STOBER also offers proven savings in critical areas, such as reliability, inventory, lubrication, and plant efficiencies.  Learn more about STOBER’s solutions for the food industry at the link below, and contact us today if you’re interested in hosting STOBER at your plant for hands-on training for your maintenance team.

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Mechatronics suppliers are plentiful, but they aren’t all made equal. STOBER is proud to be the gold standard, with top-notch industry knowledge and industry-leading products.

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Are you frustrated by the current lead times you’re being quoted? At STOBER, we’re proud to build and ship in one day from our facility in Maysville, Kentucky.

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STOBER’s service department offers several levels of expert analysis to inspect products after they have been installed in the field. Our team is committed to having you back up and running as quickly as possible.