STOBER Drives signing new class of apprentices

Congratulations to STOBER Drives’ newest class of apprentices who recently signed to continue their employment and education.

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Congratulations to Laythan Garcia for his acceptance of STOBER’s maintenance apprentice role.  Laythan started as a pre-apprentice in August 2022 and will graduate from St. Patrick High School later this month.  St. Patrick hosted a signing ceremony for Laythan on May 6 to honor his decision to pursue an apprenticeship at STOBER Drives.

“Apprentices receive both the education and experience that is needed to make them successful in the manufacturing field,” said Joe Hiatt, STOBER Apprentice Coordinator.  “It is a unique opportunity where you get paid to learn and get paid to use that knowledge all without occurring any student debt.”

Aiden Bauer and Elijah Johnson will join Laythan in transitioning from pre-apprentices to apprentices during their signing events next week.

At STOBER, employee development is the most important aspect of business, and the company’s various development programs are a major determining factor in current and future success.  Families, communities, and schools develop people to a certain point, and once someone is employed at STOBER, the company is very intentional about continuing their personal development.

STOBER’s personal development programs include:

  • Pre-apprenticeships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Co-ops
  • Mentorship/Shadowing opportunities
  • Tuition Reimbursement

STOBER’s Apprenticeship Program began in 2006 to create a talent pipeline intended to help fill the company’s staffing needs.  At the time, the company had about 65 employees, and began finding it increasingly difficult to locate fully qualified candidates to fill all the positions the company needed to grow and succeed.  Because STOBER is a family-owned subsidiary of a German company, the concept of employer-funded apprenticeships was familiar through STOBER headquarters in Pforzheim, Germany. 

To date, STOBER Drives in Maysville has had more than 50 apprentices graduate from the apprenticeship program in nine different disciplines.  Those graduates are among the company’s best employees, and many are currently in leadership positions within the company. 

At STOBER, apprentices work 30 hours per week while spending 10 hours per week in class.  Classes are typically at Maysville Community and Technical College, but can also be held at other colleges and universities depending on curriculum needs.  STOBER pays for the apprentice’s tuition, books, and 10 “workday hours” per week spent in class, plus their full benefits package.  The apprentice also earns a competitive wage throughout the program and is usually able to earn an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree without incurring any student debt.

The commitment to people development stretches beyond just apprenticeships at STOBER—the company also has opportunities for high school students and offers tuition reimbursement for every employee to further their education. Pre-apprentices, often high school students, work onsite for 15 hours per week and earn a Journeyman’s certificate and experience in multiple disciplines.

In addition to tuition reimbursement for all employees to further their education, the company also offers a Jump Start Scholarship for anyone who wants to pursue school, but may not have the funds pay for the education up front and wait to be reimbursed. 

If not now, then when?  Start your apprenticeship program today.  For more information about STOBER’s apprenticeship program, click the link below or email

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