STOBER gearbox performs for 27 years

In 1997, a snack food manufacturer installed a STOBER K8 gearbox in their facility. The particular gearbox broke down recently, after 27 years of life.


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stober gearboxes are the least expensive you'll ever own

In 1997, a snack food manufacturer installed a STOBER K8 gearbox in their facility, never dreaming that the product would still be functioning in 2024. The particular box broke down recently, after 27 years of life.

The breakdown was advised at 3 p.m. on a Friday and STOBER had a replacement unit to a courier headed their way by 10 p.m. the same day. STOBER’s emergency application and installation support covers any U.S. customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. This customer had a replacement unit headed their way in less than 7 hours without being charged an emergency or expedite fee.

STOBER’s average mean time to failure for STOBER gearboxes in 27/7 harsh environment applications is 9.1 years. Add that to no unplanned downtime and the result is a huge cost savings!

A 27-year gearbox life has saved the snack food manufacturer a ton of money, plus it required no maintenance, no oil leaks, no rust, and no water ingress. Assembled at our Maysville, Ky. facility, every STOBER NEMA gear unit is backed by a three-year warranty and delivered fast with one-day shipping.

No matter what the application, STOBER products are designed to provide the highest degree of resiliency and durability. STOBER gearboxes are perfect for challenging environments and conditions, including harsh washdowns. The world’s toughest gearbox is also the least expensive gearbox you’ll ever own.

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Mechatronics suppliers are plentiful, but they aren’t all made equal. STOBER is proud to be the gold standard, with top-notch industry knowledge and industry-leading products.

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Are you frustrated by the current lead times you’re being quoted? At STOBER, we’re proud to build and ship in one day from our facility in Maysville, Kentucky.

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STOBER’s service department offers several levels of expert analysis to inspect products after they have been installed in the field. Our team is committed to having you back up and running as quickly as possible.