Synchronous Servo Motors


Synchronous Servo Motors

With the EZ synchronous servo motor, STOBER is offering brushless, permanent magnet and electronically commutated motors with different power profiles. The stator and rotor components have an optimized design in relation to energy for extremely low torque ripple and a high power density in various forms.


The EZ series utilizes a shaft for connecting.

It is extremely compact and dynamic, providing measurably better performance.

synchronous servo motors


Power Density:
Price Range:
$ $ $ $ $
  • Stall torque: .95 – 94
  • Nominal torque: .89 – 77.2 Nm
  • Nominal Speed: Up to 6,000 RPM

Find your right fit!

right angle geared motor


  • STOBER geared motor are fully supported with the drive manufacturers listed below. They are compatible with EnDat, Hiperface DSL, and Resolver.*
    • Beckhoff
    • Bosch
    • B&R
    • Control Techniques
    • Kollmorgen
    • Rockwell
    • Siemens

    * Note: Not all options are available for every drive.

  • Brakes:
    • Holding brake – ideal for vertical applications or maintaining position
  • IP Ratings:
    • 65 – standard
    • 56
    • 66
  • Encoders:
    • Hiperface DSL (Rockwell)
    • EnDat
      • Single-turn
      • Multi-turn
      • Optical
      • Inductive
      • 2.1
      • 2.2
    • Resolver
  • Fan:
    • Increase torque and cool system without upsizing to larger motor
PK_EZ features

sdi downloads
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Synchronous Servo Motors_EZ_DimensionsSynchronous Servo Motors_EZ_Dimensions 124424372023 09EN2.23 MB
Servo Geared Motors_PHQK_DimensionsServo Geared Motors_PHQK_Dimensions 124424372023 09EN945.83 KB
Servo Geared Motors_C_RatingsServo Geared Motors_C_Ratings 124424372023 09EN1.77 MB
Servo Geared Motors_PE_RatingsServo Geared Motors_PE_Ratings 124424372023 09EN371.29 KB
Servo Geared Motors_PE_DimensionsServo Geared Motors_PE_Dimensions 124424372023 09EN460.39 KB
Servo Geared Motors_C_DimensionsServo Geared Motors_C_Dimensions 124424372023 09EN933.23 KB
Servo Geared Motors_PHQ_RatingsServo Geared Motors_PHQ_Ratings 124424372023 09EN556.12 KB
Servo Geared Motors_PHQ_DimensionsServo Geared Motors_PHQ_Dimensions 124424372023 09EN756.68 KB
Servo Geared Motors_PH_RatingsServo Geared Motors_PH_Ratings 124424372023 09EN635.37 KB
Servo Geared Motors_PH_DimensionsServo Geared Motors_PH_Dimensions 124424372023 09EN616.12 KB
Servo Geared Motors_P_RatingsServo Geared Motors_P_Ratings 124424372023 09EN832.37 KB
Servo Geared Motors_P_DimensionsServo Geared Motors_P_Dimensions 124424372023 09EN680.61 KB
Servo Geared Motors_KL_RatingsServo Geared Motors_KL_Ratings 124424372023 09EN242.96 KB
Synchronous Servo Motors_EZ_RatingsSynchronous Servo Motors_EZ_Ratings 124424372023 09EN2.22 MB
Servo Geared Motors_PHQK_RatingsServo Geared Motors_PHQK_Ratings 124424372023 09EN850.87 KB
Servo Geared Motors_KL_DimensionsServo Geared Motors_KL_Dimensions 124424372023 09EN1.30 MB
Servo Geared Motors_PHK_RatingsServo Geared Motors_PHK_Ratings 124424372023 09EN990.39 KB
Servo Geared Motors_KS_RatingsServo Geared Motors_KS_Ratings 124424372023 09EN411.17 KB
Servo Geared Motors_K_DimensionsServo Geared Motors_K_Dimensions 124424372023 09EN2.95 MB
Servo Geared Motors_K_RatingsServo Geared Motors_K_Ratings 124424372023 09EN1.56 MB
Servo Geared Motors_F_DimensionsServo Geared Motors_F_Dimensions 124424372023 09EN1.46 MB
Servo Geared Motors_PHK_DimensionsServo Geared Motors_PHK_Dimensions 124424372023 09EN781.89 KB
Servo Geared Motors_KS_DimensionsServo Geared Motors_KS_Dimensions 124424372023 09EN1023.97 KB
Servo Geared Motors_F_RatingsServo Geared Motors_F_Ratings 124424372023 09EN802.07 KB
Servo Geared Motors_PKX_DimensionsServo Geared Motors_PKX_Dimensions 124424372023 09EN804.26 KB
Servo Geared Motors_PKX_RatingsServo Geared Motors_PKX_Ratings 124424372023 09EN1018.05 KB
Servo Geared Motors_PK_DimensionsServo Geared Motors_PK_Dimensions 124424372023 09EN781.12 KB
Servo Geared Motors_PK_RatingsServo Geared Motors_PK_Ratings 124424372023 09EN1.00 MB
Servo Geared Motors_PHKX_DimensionsServo Geared Motors_PHKX_Dimensions 124424372023 09EN758.23 KB
Servo Geared Motors_PHKX_RatingsServo Geared Motors_PHKX_Ratings 124424372023 09EN993.96 KB
Synchronous Servo Motors_EZHD_DimensionsSynchronous Servo Motors_EZHD_Dimensions 114424372022 05EN2.00 MB
Synchronous Servo Motors_EZHD_RatingsSynchronous Servo Motors_EZHD_Ratings 114424372022 05EN486.39 KB
Synchronous Servo Motors_EZM_DimensionsSynchronous Servo Motors_EZM_Dimensions 114424372022 05EN669.43 KB
Synchronous Servo Motors_EZM_RatingsSynchronous Servo Motors_EZM_Ratings 114424372022 05EN372.90 KB
Synchronous Servo Motors_EZS_DimensionsSynchronous Servo Motors_EZS_Dimensions 114424372022 05EN847.78 KB
Synchronous Servo Motors_EZS_RatingsSynchronous Servo Motors_EZS_Ratings 114424372022 05EN1.68 MB
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Data_Sheet_EZ301Data_Sheet_EZ301 14442832021 09EN373.89 KB
Data_Sheet_EZ502Data_Sheet_EZ502 14428372021 09EN560.37 KB
Data_Sheet_EZ302Data_Sheet_EZ302 14428312021 09EN387.03 KB
Data_Sheet_EZ303Data_Sheet_EZ303 14428322021 09EN387.91 KB
Data_Sheet_EZ401Data_Sheet_EZ401 14428332021 09EN566.16 KB
Data_Sheet_EZ402Data_Sheet_EZ402 14428342021 09EN561.14 KB
Data_Sheet_EZ404Data_Sheet_EZ404 14428352021 09EN560.45 KB
Data Sheet EZ501Data Sheet EZ501 14428362021 09EN564.90 KB
Data_Sheet_EZ503Data_Sheet_EZ503 14428382021 09EN560.03 KB
Data_Sheet_EZ805Data_Sheet_EZ805 14428462021 09EN547.36 KB
Data_Sheet_EZ505Data_Sheet_EZ505 14428392021 09EN558.53 KB
Data_Sheet_EZ701Data_Sheet_EZ701 14428402021 09EN560.03 KB
Data_Sheet_EZ702Data_Sheet_EZ702 14428412021 09EN560.81 KB
Data_Sheet_EZ703Data_Sheet_EZ703 14428422021 09EN558.85 KB
Data_Sheet_EZ705Data_Sheet_EZ705 14428432021 09EN558.41 KB
Data_Sheet_EZ802Data_Sheet_EZ802 14428442021 09EN557.15 KB
Data_Sheet_EZ803Data_Sheet_EZ803 14428452021 09EN547.29 KB
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