Top 3 Reasons to Use the STOBER Configurator

Top 3 Reasons to Use the STOBER Configurator

Finding your gearbox or motor can be complicated… Every supplier has its own product offering, part number structure, and available options. How can you quickly find what you need? Use the STOBER Configurator.

In this episode of STOBER’s Power Tips, we will share three benefits of using the STOBER Configurator.

Benefit 1: View Products Based On Your Requirements

The first benefit you’ll see when you use the STOBER Configurator is that you can view all available product offerings and find what meets your requirements. Are you looking for a gear unit, geared motor, rack, and pinion, or motor? You can quickly enter the product family you need and enter requirements to find possible solutions. Then, apply filters to narrow down your results or change the sorting. From there, you can configure the product to match your requirements. There’s no need to figure out which part number is needed or try to figure out which side of the gear unit is which. The STOBER configurator allows you to see your product as you build it, so you can ensure it matches your application.

Benefit 2: Download Drawings And Documents

The second benefit of using the STOBER Configurator is the ability to download drawings and documents. Engineers often use a 3D model to drop into their complete machine assembly. The STOBER Configurator allows you to generate 3D models in several formats. You can also get 2D models. Plus, you can download dimension drawings to make sure the gear unit or motor fits the envelope of the machine space. Technical data sheets are also available. These sheets have graphs for input and output torques at various speeds, shaft load tilting torques, and more.

Benefit 3: Save Your Configurations Or Request A Quote

The third benefit you’ll experience when you use STOBER Configurator is the ability to save your configurations or request a quote. Many customers use the same gearbox on multiple applications. You can save your configuration to your profile, allowing you to quickly see which unit you used for each application. There are quick links to download documentation, and you can easily request a quote from inside the configurator.

The STOBER Configurator has many more options! STOBER wants to provide engineers and designers the opportunity to build solutions at their convenience. If you do need help, you can quickly live chat with one of our application engineers on the website or give us a call.

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