STOBER’s servo gear units outperform the competition

STOBER’s servo gear units outperform the competition when it comes to performance, backlash, running temperature, and compatibility.

stober servo outperforms competition

Did you know STOBER’s servo gear units outperform the competition?

STOBER’s servo products are the most precise with less than 1 arcmin of backlash. Plus, they have the highest stiffness. STOBER’s optimized gear hardening ensures smoothness of motion and minimizes velocity ripple. When precision matters, you want to make sure you have STOBER.

STOBER runs cooler. In our testing, we found STOBER servo products to be up to 14 degrees cooler than the competitors. That’s in addition to our ability to run in extreme temperatures. Most competitors are designed to operate in ambient temperatures ranging from 0 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius, but STOBER can do applications from -60 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius. Plus, when extreme temperature applications come into play, STOBER can change seal material and lubrication type to prevent oil leaks and eliminate premature failure.

Finally, STOBER’s servo products are more dynamic. With 160% reduction in required torque for acceleration/deceleration and the option to add a servostop safety brake, STOBER’s servos are the most dynamic on the market.

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