STOBER features plug-and-play compatibility with popular drive brands

STOBER motors and geared motors are flexible in design and compatibility with third-party drives.

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stober gearboxes are the least expensive you'll ever own

Looking for plug-and-play drive compatibility?  Selecting a gearbox and motor that works with a specific drive manufacturer can be complicated, but seamless integration is necessary.  STOBER motors and geared motors are flexible in design and compatibility with third-party drives.

At STOBER, compatibility is defined as the ability to use our motor with a third-party drive as if using the manufacturer motor.  The drive treats the STOBER motor like a first-party motor when it reaches the jog phase.

Not only does STOBER have the largest breadth of geared motors on the market, we also work with the most popular drive brands, including:




Control Techniques




Each of these brands is easy to use with STOBER solutions ranging from single or dual cable, EnDat 2.1 and 2.2, Resolver, and Hiperface DSL.  If you don’t see your preferred brand on the list, don’t worry.  STOBER also offers compatibility with other brands with alternative options for drives.  Every solution is pinned out and tested on the appropriate drive on our state-of-the-art end-of-line tester.

STOBER is always exploring the opportunity for new compatibilities, so please contact us at (888) 786-2371 or email if your preferred drive was not mentioned. 

Learn more about STOBER’s extensive drive compatibility, documentation, and engineering guidance that will help integrate STOBER into your system.  Download our free guide today!

Our Three Pillars – Quality, Delivery, Service

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Mechatronics suppliers are plentiful, but they aren’t all made equal. STOBER is proud to be the gold standard, with top-notch industry knowledge and industry-leading products.

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Are you frustrated by the current lead times you’re being quoted? At STOBER, we’re proud to build and ship in one day from our facility in Maysville, Kentucky.

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STOBER’s service department offers several levels of expert analysis to inspect products after they have been installed in the field. Our team is committed to having you back up and running as quickly as possible.