STOBER servo geared motors have many advantages

STOBER servo geared motors consist of a gearbox assembled onto the motor for a lighter, more compact solution with less maintenance.

geared motors

STOBER geared motors consist of a directly assembled gearbox onto the motor, meaning no motor adapter or coupling is needed. The motor pinion meshes directly with the high speed gear in the gearbox.

Since the extra components can be eliminated, the solution is lighter and more compact. Wear components are also reduced, which means less maintenance for you and your team.

Any STOBER product that you currently use can be ordered as a geared motor and allow you to take advantage of improved performance. Geared motors boast higher torque density, less inertia, generate less heat, and gain stiffness and precision.

Because STOBER gearboxes already run at a relatively cool temperature, combining them with a servo motor allows for even greater reduction in temperature. Elimination of the motor adapter means an input seal can also be removed, creating less friction and, ultimately, lower temperatures, which leads to increased performance and better life expectancy in your application.

STOBER‘s servo geared motors offer all of these advantages and much more. With the largest breadth of product and the most compact geared motors on the market, it’s a no brainer to trust STOBER to optimize your machine’s performance to the Gold Standard.