Packaging Industry


At an average of $175 per square foot, space requirements can easily cost over $100,000.

Applications and Solutions in the Packaging Industry

Floor space is expensive and uncompromising. Limited floor space means fewer machines can be put on the floor and increasing production is difficult. STOBER can reduce equipment footprint by 20%, along with minimizing maintenance and eliminating extra components.

STOBER’s breadth of products is ideal for the diverse needs of packaging. Whether filling, molding, sealing, labeling, collecting, repackaging, or palletizing, we have the products and expertise to meet your application needs.

1. Additional maintenance from wear components (belts, pulleys, chains, bearings, more)
2. Machine reliability and repeatability
3. Improving machine performance impacted by inertia and space constraints
4. Velocity control for high speeds
5. Focus on saving space


The most compact planetary geared motors on the market

the highest running accuracy and precision at the same time.

A special highlight is the ZTRS series featuring a supporting bearing holder that enables maximum rigidity, which guarantees full utilization of the gear unit torque.

All designs are available with straight or helical geared pinions.

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An innovative system concept for rack and pinion drives

demands for load capacity and precision.

    ZV – High flexibility for your pick & place application

  • Flexible and cost-effective solution
  • Pinion position either at the shaft end or shaft shoulder as needed
  • Backlash-free, positive-locking shaft-hub connection
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Synchronous servo motors with a high power density

The most compact planetary geared motors on the market


Practical without any compromises – servo geared motors

  • Made from one mold
  • Combined with STOBER synchronous servo motors, this means a coupling-free connection that reduces the space requirement, the rotating masses and the associated weight
  • Extremely attractive price-performance ratio
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Power Tips

We keep our customers up to date on the latest in the industry and about our company! View the latest on our industrial gearbox and motor power tips!

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NEMA Gear Units

STOBER makes the world’s toughest gearbox. IP69K Certified, USDA Accepted Equipment, and 3 year warranty all mean our products can withstand the harshest washdowns.

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Rack & Pinion Drives

Our rack and pinion drives can handle high speeds or high force. Choose from flange or shaft options. All calculations are done by STOBER, giving you an optimized system.

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Inline Geared Motors

STOBER’s inline geared motors provide the ultimate stiffness and precision for your application.

Synchronous Servo Motors

Utilize STOBER’s hollow bore motor for passing media through the center of the motor or try the EZ shaft option.