How Can STOBER Improve Your Machine Reliability?

Learn how STOBER can help improve your machine reliability and combat other common struggles for the semiconductor industry.

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Ensuring uniformity of material, temperatures, and gas flow is critical to production. Some of the most common challenges faced in the semiconductor industry include minimizing machine footprint, increasing throughput, and reducing cost while improving reliability.

If you’ve struggled with any of these things, STOBER can help improve your machine reliability and much more! Our products have modular designs to meet very specific requirements for any application, including chemical mechanical planarization, wafer manufacturing, surface conditioning, etching, and chemical vapor deposition.

Our planetary gear units are a great solution if you need a durable gearbox with a precision design for optimal speed and torque control. These units have extreme rigidity with higher stiffness and there are reduced backlash options available for ultimate precision. Our geared motors offer high dynamics, precise speed control, and a large range of ratios which allows for downsizing your motor and drive combination.

All our gear units and geared motors offer reliability that doesn’t compromise your clean room integrity. Our superior design and quality not only extend the life of the unit, but also lessens the need for maintenance. Plus, you can eliminate costly oil leaks and save thousands of dollars in production cost. Email us at or call (888) 786 2371 to speak with one of our sales representatives today!