STOBER: The environmentally friendly gearbox

Many plants have $1 million of products in the storeroom, plus the cost of time and space to stock, maintain, and manage it. STOBER can help reduce the need for expensive storerooms.

energy efficiency

When you’re looking for a gearbox, choose the most environmentally friendly gearbox on the market! STOBER KSS features an all-stainless steel housing and output, meaning it can handle the harshest washdowns.

STOBER gearboxes don’t require maintenance and don’t leak oil, so you can get rid of your oil drip pans, stop replacing oil every six months, and don’t worry about disposing of used oil.

Not only will you save thousands in energy expenditures, you’ll also reduce heat in your workplace environment since STOBER KSS units are 97 percent efficient.

STOBER’s 3-year warranty means the gearboxes last–an average of 9.1 years!

And when you’re ready, STOBER’s renewal programs provide even more life out of your gearbox. The MR Adapter program allows you to replace the motor adapter and keep the gearbox or the KSS Renewal program allows the stainless steel housing to be reused and its components replaced with new.

Want to know more about the environmentally friendly gearbox? Download the guide below!