Power Tips: Top 3 Considerations When Designing a Machine

There are 3 critical areas to examine when designing a machine. What are they?


When designing a machine, you need to ensure all key components work together well, including couplings, ball screws, chain and sprockets, along with the gearbox, motor, and drive.

There are 3 critical areas to examine when designing a machine:
1. What factors are important for this machine? Backlash, stiffness, and ratio are key factors that can affect the cost of gearboxes.
2. How will you connect to the load? Will you connect by a coupling, belts, pulley, rack and pinion, or another mechanism? This choice can impact the bearing life of the gearbox.
3. What is the desired lifetime of the machine?

When selecting a motor, be sure to consider these 5 factors:
1. Speed
2. Torque
3. Physical size
4. Type of motion
5. Environment

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