Geared motors for washdown applications

STOBER’s synchronous Servo geared motors are available in food duty or corrosion resistant options to meet washdown requirements.


With food duty or corrosion-resistant options, STOBER is proud to offer geared motors for washdown applications in a variety of manufacturing environments and industries.

Water ingress is one of the leading causes of equipment failure in washdown environments, but it’s not an issue with STOBER. The ingress protection packages from STOBER feature stainless steel hardware, special lubrication, and application-specific coatings.  In addition, an option for ingress protection up to IP66 is available.

With STOBER’s wide range of product offerings, food duty or corrosion-resistant specs are available on six different geared motor series, including inline or right angle options. If an inline flange mount option is needed, we can provide our PH series with washdown paint and lubrication. STOBER’s geared motors and input adapters share the same flanges, so there’s always a perfect fit to the gearbox, which is key in preventing premature failure.

When you choose a STOBER product, you also reap the benefits that come with it, including a 2-year warranty, 24/7/365 support, and multiple third-party integration options for single and dual-cable solutions, including Rockwell DSL. 

STOBER‘s servo geared motors feature all of these advantages and much more. With the largest breadth of product and the most compact geared motors on the market, STOBER is ready to configure your next solution.