Documented Cost Savings


Proven Savings in Critical Areas


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Plant Efficiencies

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stainless steel gearbox

Proven Savings in Critical Areas


No unplanned downtime equals costs avoided for your organization. Trust STOBER to keep you up and running.


Our engineers can create a standard list of products for you, simplifying your inventory needs.


STOBER’s superior quality results in no oil leaks. Throw away your drip pans, stop adding oil to units, and enjoy the savings.

Plant Efficiencies

All the benefits of STOBER result in more uptime, better energy efficiency, and much more.


STOBER products last longer, require less maintenance, use less energy, and optimize your plant floor. Use our Documented Cost Savings tool to find out how much you can save by using STOBER.

Get estimated savings based on industry-standard defaults
Provide your exact application information and calculate savings based on your plant and gearbox
Track all of your reducers in the field and calculate total savings down to the specific drive location serial number
Get a summary at the plant location or even divisional layer
Review data on labor and eliminated downtime savings through the KSS and MR Refurb programs after 5+ years in service

Don’t keep wondering about how much you could be saving by investing in a helical bevel solution from STOBER. Contact us today to get proven savings and add that money back to your bottom line!


Average mean time to failure for STOBER gearboxes in 24/7 harsh environment application.


97% Efficient

For every $1 of energy you put into the reducer, you get $0.97 of energy out of it.



World’s Toughest Gearbox

Best components and quality


Quick Delivery

Build & Ship in 1 Day


24/7, 365 Support

Real people all the time

Product Solutions

inline servo420
Inline Servo Gear Units

STOBER offers the most precise planetary gear unit on the market. You can also choose mounting flexibility with our helical bevel options.

right angle servo420
Right Angle Servo Gear Units

Mounting flexibility and a variety of outputs make for the most powerful gearbox on the market. STOBER’s right angle servo gear units give you the ultimate choices.

rack and pinion420 2
Geared Motors with Rack & Pinion Drives

Our rack and pinion drives can handle high speeds or high force. Choose from flange or shaft options.


The ServoStop provides dynamic braking during power failures or emergency stops in hazardous situations.