STOBER’s Three Value Propositions

3 Things You Should Know About STOBER

At STOBER Drives, we focus on three pillars as the foundation for our business, which means customers are at the center of everything we do. What are these value propositions and how do they help STOBER be the gold standard in the gearbox industry?

Why STOBER’s quality gearboxes are built to last

The first pillar is Quality. We know that replacing gearboxes can be costly, which is why we design our gearboxes to last. Our top priority is ensuring that every customer is ultimately satisfied with the products and services they receive. We do this by extensively inspecting and testing our efficient, no maintenance gearboxes every step of the way. Evaluations are made on the manufacturing floor, in our quality lab, and on the assembly line. The purpose of each evaluation point is to ensure the gold standard of STOBER is being met, guaranteeing you have a product that will last long past the warranty. To maintain quality service, we provide continuous training opportunities for all employees, so they have the skills needed to best serve you.

Get gearboxes shipped in one day

The second pillar for a successful gearbox business is delivery. Our gearboxes are assembled and shipped to the customer as quickly as possible. How quick? STOBER can build and ship in 1 day. Do you have an emergency breakdown situation? If so, don’t worry. We also offer emergency shipments for customers who need a solution even faster. With over $8 million in inventory, we are ready to build whatever you need.

Fast support with 24/7 help

The third pillar is service. Let’s face it—it’s frustrating when you make a phone call during an emergency, only to be answered by an automated system. This isn’t the case at STOBER. Our employees are available to assist you 24 hours a day. When you call us, a live person will be on the other end in just 3 rings or less. Our team will support you along the way from design to purchase to installation. Even after you purchase a STOBER gearbox, we have aftermarket service ready to assist with repairs and evaluations.

STOBER is your partner from beginning to end

We want to be partners with you from beginning to end by helping you reduce downtime and increase productivity. Our three pillars, value propositions, and our outstanding products allow us to be the gold standard. Whenever you need us, we are here. We look forward to taking your call soon.

Want to learn more about STOBER’s value propositions? Check out our free download below.

Unsurpassed Quality, Rapid Response Support, Fast Delivery

“STOBER’s responsiveness is also a key plus. STOBER employees build and ship units in one day and give us quick answers on requests. I can’t think of a better way to meet customer needs.”

– Steve Nelson, Machine Tool Research, Rochester, NY