Food Industry


The annual downtime for food and beverage production is over 10 weeks a year.” – Harting

Applications and Solutions in the Food Industry

Food production is a harsh environment. Many gearboxes cannot handle rigid washdowns, which can cause premature failure and cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in downtime.

STOBER provides unsurpassed solutions for processed and ready-to-eat foods and is able to withstand the toughest cleaning regiments, including IP69K.

1. Continuous operation
Expensive downtime
Energy consumption
Large amounts of inventory
Limited preventative maintenance capacity
Water ingress
Premature failure from rigid mounting
 Leaking gearboxes
Food safety


Gear units for every mounting position

Our servo right angle gear units are unrivaled in their options. High-performance, extremely precise, reliable and outstanding in their particularly wide range of adaptations.

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An innovative system concept for rack and pinion drives

demands for load capacity and precision.

    ZV – High flexibility for your pick & place application

  • Flexible and cost-effective solution
  • Pinion position either at the shaft end or shaft shoulder as needed
  • Backlash-free, positive-locking shaft-hub connection
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Synchronous servo motors with a high power density

The most compact planetary geared motors on the market


Practical without any compromises – servo geared motors

  • Made from one mold
  • Combined with STOBER synchronous servo motors, this means a coupling-free connection that reduces the space requirement, the rotating masses and the associated weight
  • Extremely attractive price-performance ratio
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STOBER Configurator & CAD

With the intuitive product configurator, you can filter, compare, configure in real time and save your configuration and share it with others with just a few clicks.

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STOBER makes the world’s toughest gearbox. IP69K Certified, USDA Accepted Equipment, and 3 year warranty all mean our products can withstand the harshest washdowns.

Inline Servo Gear Units

STOBER offers the most precise planetary gear unit on the market. You can also choose mounting flexibility with our helical bevel options.

Right Angle Servo Gear Units

Mounting flexibility and a variety of outputs make for the most powerful gearbox on the market. STOBER’s right angle servo gear units give you the ultimate choices.

Inline Geared Motors

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