STOBER Aftermarket Product Options

How STOBER Supports You After the Sale

You’ve purchased the gear reducer and have it running. What happens if things don’t go right? What if you need extra support after the sale?

In this episode of STOBER’s Power Tips, we will share insights on our aftermarket product options and service offerings.

How to get fast gear reducer service

Even with the most reliable gear reducer, sometimes your machine might not be performing as you expected. You might not be hitting your production targets or there is too much downtime. Maybe you don’t have the time, resources, or experience to get your machine up and running quickly. STOBER can help you determine the root cause with fast, personalized service. We can review the design of the equipment, functionality, and sizing of the components with our aftermarket product options.

STOBER’s 3 Levels of Gear Reducer Analysis

Our service department offers three levels of analysis to inspect products after they have been in the field. We have a standard 5 day turn-around for the basic evaluation. Here is a brief overview of our service levels:

  • Level 1 Basic Inspection: Our team evaluates the unit for failure mode as described by the user and provides an explanation for failure.
  • Level 2 Mid-level Evaluation: Our service department samples oil and inspects bearings, seals, and gearing and performs a root cause analysis. The customer then receives a failure report with high resolution photos.
  • Level 3 High-level Evaluation: The oil sample is saved and bearing and seal inspections are performed by the original manufacturer. STOBER performs a gearing inspection and a root cause analysis.
  • Level 4 International Evaluation: The unit is shipped to our headquarters in Germany for additional evaluation.

Rebuilding a gear reducers versus buying a new unit

Doing an evaluation and rebuilding your gear reducer can easily save you time and money when compared to the cost of purchasing a new unit. You can trust STOBER to do your repairs. Many customers use a third party for repairs. These repair shops often don’t use the quality parts that STOBER will, so the unit will fail again quickly, so it’s better to use STOBER’s aftermarket product options.

STOBER supports you after the sale

Our help isn’t limited to repairs. STOBER can also give advice on how to make the product last longer, including: machine design evaluation, basic operation analysis, sizing the application of the system and ensuring all of the components are matched to the specific requirements.

Our goal with these services is to help you keep your gearbox running as long as possible. So, by taking advantage of our renewal programs and aftermarket product options and services, you’ll be more efficient and spend less money compared with replacing your entire unit or going at this alone. Be sure to contact STOBER for help in increasing your uptime and productivity.

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Unsurpassed Quality, Rapid Response Support, Fast Delivery

“STOBER’s responsiveness is also a key plus. STOBER employees build and ship units in one day and give us quick answers on requests. I can’t think of a better way to meet customer needs.”

– Steve Nelson, Machine Tool Research, Rochester, NY