Tips to Save Money with Gearboxes

5 Ways Gearboxes Can Save You Money

Many gear reducer manufacturers claim they can increase efficiency, reduce oil expenditures, and more. But what is the actual dollar value? This episode of STOBER’s Power Tips shows you how you can save money with gearboxes.

5 Tips for Cost Savings

Tip #1: Reduce Your Inventory
When you purchase a reliable gear reducer with a long warranty, you can save on replacement costs. You don’t need as many storeroom components because you have a durable solution. Another way to reduce inventory would be to consolidate gear reducer case sizes, ratios, motor inputs, and shaft sizes. Many plants have a variety of reducer sizes and ratios across multiple line locations. By using variable frequency drives and standardizing on sizes, you can simplify your inventory. Imagine reducing storeroom SKU’s from 60 down to 10!

Tip #2: Invest in an Efficient Product
Eliminating inefficient motors and worm reducers can save thousands of dollars in electrical power consumption over the course of a year. By using helical bevel reducers, you will have substantially better efficiency than a worm gear reducer. For example, a line location using a 50:1 ratio worm reducer with a 2HP motor could be changed to a 50:1 helical bevel reducer. Your estimated annual savings would be greater than $2K per line location, which will only increase each year.

Tip #3: Be Attentive To Oil
Refilling gear reducers with oil, buying replenishment oil, and discarding oil can cost over $250 per oil change, for every line location. Some units may need this done several times a year. Utilizing a factory filled, no maintenance gear reducer that is lubed for life eliminates the need for oil drip pans and drain lines and reduces harborage risk.

Tip #4: Avoid Labor Expenses
Let’s face it, installation to replace a unit bleeds money from your maintenance budget. By using a reliable solution optimized for your specific application, you can steer clear of this cost and extend your reducer’s life. When selecting a gear reducer manufacturer, look for any installation fees that might apply. Some will readily assist with installation free of charge.

Tip #5: Eliminate The Worry Of Emergency Breakdowns
Many customers experience extremely costly downtimes and lose thousands of dollars a minute. When a durable solution is chosen, this expense can be avoided altogether. But when the inevitable happens, STOBER has fast, same day shipments with no expediting fees, allowing you to save money with gearboxes.

How STOBER Saves You Money

We have been saving our customers money since 1991. Our documented cost savings program allows us to demonstrate the substantial amount of money you can save by using STOBER’s highly reliable and efficient helical solutions. Our team can optimize your plant to eliminate gearing misalignment, overloads, water ingress, and lubrication changes to help you avoid these costly failures. To learn more about how you can save money with gearboxes, check out our free download.

Unsurpassed Quality, Rapid Response Support, Fast Delivery

“STOBER’s responsiveness is also a key plus. STOBER employees build and ship units in one day and give us quick answers on requests. I can’t think of a better way to meet customer needs.”

– Steve Nelson, Machine Tool Research, Rochester, NY