Eliminate Gear Reducer Unplanned Downtime

Eliminate Gear Reducer Unplanned Downtime

Did you know that US manufacturers’ factory downtime averages 7 weeks per year, according to the Harting Technology Group? That’s 7 weeks of lost time and money. Think what you could do with that money if it was put back in your capital budget when you eliminate gear reducer unplanned downtime.

In this episode of STOBER’s Power Tips, we will share tips on the best gear reducer for preventing unplanned downtime. This will reduce or even eliminate unplanned downtime in food, beverage, and other caustic environments.

How to calculate what factory downtime is costing you

So, how much is that 7 weeks of downtime costing you? You can calculate this by looking at the market price of the products that would have shipped during that period. Depending on the length of the downtime and the price of your product, you could be losing thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour.

What causes premature gear reducer failure

Your lost money from downtime is only going to continuously increase until you determine the root cause of the problem and find a solution that works best for you. One of the main culprits of downtime is premature gear reducer failure, which commonly occurs due to water ingress, oil leaks, and overloads. You could recoup this time and money by simply using quality gear reducers.

The best gear reducer to prevent downtime

If you’re experiencing premature failure, you need a more durable and reliable solution for your application. This is an investment that costs more up front but saves your company from bleeding money due to unplanned downtime. STOBER gear reducers use quality double output seals to prevent oil leaks and ingress. Combining quality inputs with the tightest machining tolerances and assembly practices ensures product longevity. Our products are both IP69K certified and USDA Accepted Equipment, which means they are equipped to handle caustic environments.

How STOBER Drives can help solve unplanned downtime

Our engineering team at STOBER can assist with sizing your gearbox and motor. We account for the number of hours you expect the gearbox to operate and evaluate your application’s service factor requirement. With a three-year warranty and an average mean time to failure of 9.1 years in harsh washdown environments, we know how to make solutions that last.

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