How STOBER Can Meet Your Exact Custom Application Requirements

How STOBER can Meet your Exact Application Requirements

Catalog standard options for gearboxes and motors often don’t meet the requirements customers have. Many environments have extreme temperatures, explosive considerations, harsh cleanings, and more, so there are custom application requirements to be considered.

In this episode of STOBER’s Power Tips, I’ll discuss four ways STOBER can help create solutions for your applications.

First, temperature requirements.

Applications don’t always operate in typical room temperature environments. Many products face extreme heat or cold. Standard gearboxes and motors are designed to operate in ambient temperatures ranging from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. Operating in these environments without special design modifications can lead to premature failure, costing thousands of dollars in downtime. STOBER has experience with custom application requirements from negative 60 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius. When your application falls outside normal operating conditions, we can change our seal material between FKM and NBR or change the viscosity of the lubrication to meet your application requirements. This prevent oil leaks and can eliminate premature failure.

Second, explosion proof requirements.  

Gearboxes and motors may require protection against ignition sources. ATEX Certification means they are protected against mechanically generated sparks, electrostatic discharge, and high surface temperatures. STOBER gearboxes are not only certified, but they can also handle rapid position changes to prevent spills or leaks. Custom application requirements from STOBER are always taken into consideration when solutions are created for your application.

Third, harsh environments.

Industries from food and beverage to pharmaceutical require stringent cleaning, sometimes needing custom application requirements. These cleaning procedures can include harsh chemicals, high pressure washing, or hot water. Many gearboxes and motors will fail when water ingress occurs. Seals and bearings fail when chemicals or pressure erode their surfaces. STOBER motors are IP67 certified, while our gearboxes are IP69K Certified. They are designed to withstand harsh washdowns and dust.

Fourth, special flanges, planet carriers or shafts.

Specialty equipment may need a custom flange or shaft. Planetary units often need a special carrier or a special material. This is no issue for STOBER. We have our own inhouse engineering and manufacturing for quick turn around on custom parts.

STOBER knows how to meet your application requirements. With experience in dozens of industries and over ten thousand applications, we know how to make solutions that last.  

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