Servo Geared Motor Advantages

The 5 Advantages of a Geared Motor

What is a servo geared motor? And what benefits does it offer? In this episode of STOBER’s Power Tips, we will gladly share how geared motors can improve your machine design and save you money.

Why geared motors are important

Geared motors are the next phase of mechanical progression. They consist of a directly assembled gearbox onto the motor. This means no motor adapter and coupling is needed, as the motor pinion meshes directly with the high speed gear in the gearbox. Eliminating these extra components makes for a lighter, more compact solution that also reduces wear components resulting in less maintenance for you and your team. There are many other benefits to a geared motor. Let’s break down the top 5 advantages to using a servo geared motor:

STOBER servo geared motors are adaptable

First is their adaptability. Servo geared motors come in a variety of styles – inline, right angle, shafted, hollow bore, and more. Any STOBER product that you currently use can be ordered as a geared motor, and choosing from this range means you will find a product that fits your application needs. We created our geared motors to be adaptable to solve whatever the customer needs.

STOBER servo geared motors are compact

Second, STOBER servo geared motors are more compact. Servo geared motors allow for a shorter envelope for your solution. Most gearboxes paired to a different motor manufacturer require a motor adapter and coupling, which can add up to 45% more length over a STOBER geared motor solution. Even a few millimeters can make a huge difference when it comes to the overall machine size.

STOBER offers excellent service, products and delivery

Third, buying STOBER means you get the entire package – one vendor, fast delivery, excellent service, and one product to install. Using a servo geared motor allows you to take advantage of the power of 1: one part number, one vendor, and one mechanical assembly for different 3rd party controllers. You can choose stainless options and coatings for your washdown needs without changing the fit of the geared motor into your application, and there’s no more worry about correctly assembling the motor to your gearbox – because it’s already done for you! Simplify your entire process.

STOBER servo geared motors give you improved performance

Fourth, they are more dynamic. Servo geared motors allow you to take advantage of improved performance. They offer higher torque density, less inertia, and generate less heat by eliminating wear components from the motor adapter, and help you gain stiffness and precision.

STOBER servo geared motors run cooler than other geared motors

Fifth, servo geared motors run cooler. Because STOBER gearboxes already run at a relatively cool temperature, combining them with a servo motor allows for even greater reduction in temperature. By eliminating the motor adapter, an input seal can also be removed, creating less friction and, ultimately, lower temperatures. This results in increased performance and better life expectancy in your application.

STOBER‘s servo geared motors offer all of these advantages and much more. STOBER has the largest breadth of product and our geared motors are the most compact on the market. Trust STOBER to optimize your machine’s performance to the Gold Standard.

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