Aftermarket Service

STOBER takes pride in offering knowledgeable, factory-trained USA-based service support for our customers. When you call, you won’t get a call center on the other side of the globe. Your call is answered in 3 rings or less, letting you know you’ve found a support system that values your time.

Our easy order method insures you maintain a single contact throughout the process. And, your service representatives are directly responsible for your account. After the sale, our products are easy to install, but if you do have a question or a problem, we provide application and installation support anywhere in the US. With over 80 years gearing and 30 years motor and electronics experience, we have the expertise to solve your most difficult problems.

Our application engineering team can develop custom solutions to meet your requirements. STOBER has a long history of designing, engineering, and manufacturing special parts or entire products to fit your needs. Contact us today to talk more about your custom solution needs.

If you require aftermarket service, please fill out our return goods authorization form below or contact one of our service support staff at: (888) 786-2371 or

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