STOBER Introduces KL Version of Helical Bevel Gear Unit

Maysville, Ky. – STOBER™ Drives, Inc. has developed a new KL helical bevel gear unit, a compact right-angle drive that meets the packaging manufacturing industry’s latest machine requirements. The space-saving gear reducer comes in sizes 1 and 2, and is perfect for packaging, filling, conveying, general automation and wash-down.

When compared with the conventional STOBER K1 helical bevel gear unit version, the new KL1 supplies increased torque density of well over 100 percent. The size reduction for the KL was achieved by a newly designed, 2-stage gear set geometry. The housing dimensions of the two sizes illustrate the new shape factor. In the KL1 version, the length is 113.5 mm, the width 81mm and the depth 90 mm; this represents a volume of only 0.83 liters.

kl series

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