Stober Drives, Inc. Gains from AME Consortia Activities

Listening to fellow members’ ideas, hosting plant tours and learning from improvement activities and best practices in others’ facilities are among the learning opportunities for members of the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati Chapter, AME Consortium for Business Excellence. Lee Thomas, plant manager for Stober Drives in Maysville, KY, and Kyle Maddox in industrial engineering, shared their consortium experiences during a recent interview. Stober Drives manufactures MGS (modular gear systems) gear reducers and Servofit Precision Planetary Gearheads.

Joining the consortium a year and half ago was great timing, Thomas said. “We did benchmarking with companies in the group, to see what else was out there,” he said. “We were planning to remodel and move into a facility. We were able to benchmark with companies in the consortium before making investments here. We got design and layout ideas from other members and brought those back.”


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