We are STOBER: Breadth of Product. Breadth of Knowledge.

STOBER is a third-generation family owned business that was established in Pforzheim, Germany in 1934. Our Maysville, Kentucky location was opened in 1991. Since the beginning, we have focused on your needs, not shareholder objectives. Our breadth of product and breadth of knowledge truly make us the gold standard in the gearing industry.

Breadth of Product

“We always try to understand what our customer needs, and then make the choice for the very best unit.” -Bernd Stober

No matter your application, we have the product and expertise to meet your needs. We can handle every application you have, from machines doing intake to machines pushing the product out the door, and everything in between. We have designed the toughest solutions with you in mind. Our diverse product range includes Power Transmission gear units, servo gear units, servo motors, servo geared motors, and rack and pinion drives.

With STOBER’s breadth of product, we have the perfect solution for you. Plus, we offer packages for different environments and can handle the harshest washdown environments.

Breadth of Knowledge

At STOBER, our top priority is your satisfaction. That’s why we have an experienced team dedicated to providing 24/7 service and support, 365 days a year. STOBER has a global presence in 11 countries around the world and over 80 field reps just one call away. Don’t worry about your call being answered by an automated system! All calls are answered in 3 rings or less by a real person, letting you know you’ve found a support system that values your time.

STOBER serves 11 primary industries, including food, beverage, packaging, machine tool, and more. With over 85 years of gearing experience and more than 10,000 applications sized and optimized by our team, we’ve truly seen it all! Contact us today to discuss your application and find the best gearing solution.

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