The Life Cycle of a STOBER Gearbox

The life of a STOBER gearbox is one of extreme endurance and precision. From purchase to production to delivery, STOBER ensures the upmost quality during each stage of the gear reducer’s life.

It all starts with an order. We offer a full range of customizable solutions to fit a variety of applications. If you aren’t sure which gearbox is best for you, our engineering team is available 24/7 and can help you make the best selection based on your specific application requirements. Once an optimal solution is determined and the order is placed, the gearbox begins to come to life.

The first phase of the production process is picking all of the parts and components that live within the unit. STOBER’s Picking department takes each order form and sifts through over $8 million worth of inventory in our storeroom to locate the necessary parts. Approximately 100,000 parts are machined in-house at our Maysville, Kentucky facility each year.

From there, the gearbox is assembled. Our production area is organized in an efficient manner to allow for a smooth assembly process. The unit makes its way down the appropriate production line where our assemblers carefully put it together piece by piece, until the product is whole. Each gearbox is tested, pressure checked to ensure there are no leaks, and then filled with the highest quality Exxon Mobil oil. Once filled with oil, it's cleaned with alcohol to remove any exterior debris or contaminants and then dried completely.

Now, it’s time for paint. All STOBER gearboxes are primed, painted, and then run through the paint curing oven, which uses halogen lamps to heat the units to 165 degrees Fahrenheit and furthermore allow for higher paint durability. Each layer of paint takes 45 minutes of cycle time through the oven and a single STOBER gearbox could have up to 5 coats!

The unit is then carefully packaged and prepared to ship. In most cases, we can have a gearbox built and shipped in just 1 day. Once the gearbox is installed in the customer’s plant, it truly comes to life!

It doesn’t end there. STOBER offers aftermarket service and provides continuous support even after the sale. We want to help you get the most life out of your gearbox. Our products are easy to install, but if you do have a question or a problem, we provide application and installation support anywhere in the US. Plus, we have a Motor Adapter Replacement Program and a KSS Renewal Program. If your reducer is reaching the end of its life, contact our team today at (888) 786 2371 or to learn how we can renew it and extend your warranty!

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