The Best Mechatronic Solutions for the Packaging Industry

At an average of $175/sq ft, space requirements can easily be a million-dollar problem. Luckily, STOBER gear reducers can shrink equipment footprint by 20%! We understand that floor space is limited and expensive, which is why we designed compact, efficient gearboxes to help plants save space and minimize maintenance on wear components, such as belts, pulleys, and guards.

There are hundreds of possible packaging applications, yet STOBER can solve them all. You can use a STOBER solution for palletizing, sorting, conveying, case packing, erecting, and much more. Our large selection of gearheads and servo motors is ideal for the diverse needs of packaging. Continuous and/or intermittent applications are no trouble for STOBER. We can handle dry, washdown, or ready to eat environments. STOBER products can be used for all your primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging needs.

STOBER offers several solutions for packaging. Our helical solutions offer mounting flexibility and various output options, including hollow bores. Simplify your machine design by using a right-angle product from STOBER. By eliminating wear components and using a more compact solution, you will not only save money, but also space. Our Planetary units are also designed to optimize packaging applications requiring higher stiffness or accuracy. The PE Series is ideal for a very cost-effective solution and the P Series is recommended when a solution designed to handle a radial load is needed. STOBER’s geared motors can also be used for the most compact solution on the market!

To learn more about how STOBER can optimize your packaging processes, visit our packaging industry page below.

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