The Best Gearbox Solution for Packaging OEMs

How can a packaging OEM improve their machine design? How can they make a smaller machine that also requires less maintenance? Let’s break down the difference between a standard inline planetary gearbox and a STOBER right angle helical bevel solution.

A standard planetary gear solution is inline, which means it adds to the length of the machine’s envelope. This type of gearbox can stick out into aisle ways or limit the number of machines that can be put in one place. Plus, it requires numerous components, such as belts, pulleys, guards, and more, from multiple vendors. This increases your time for design and installation while also increasing maintenance needs for your customer. Belts and pulleys must be tensioned and checked on during operation.

STOBER solves these issues with our hollow bore, right angle solution. The right angle solution stays closer to the machine, reducing space used. It can also be direct driven, eliminating the need for belts, guards, and other components. With fewer components, there is less maintenance. This makes a better machine design for not only the OEM, but also for the end user.

STOBER’s engineering team has helped numerous packaging OEMs improve their machine design and save space. Contact us today to learn more.

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