The Benefits of a Single Cable for Servo Motors

STOBER Drives recently began production of synchronous servo motors and servo geared motors at our Maysville, Kentucky facility. STOBER servo motors are a compact and precise option for the control of motion due to their utilization of closed-loop, high-level feedback with servo drives and other technologies. While servo motors offer numerous benefits, perhaps the greatest is the implementation of the HIPERFACE DSL® encoder, which is a single motor cable that has sensor technology and power and is compatible with drive motor systems.

What makes this encoder so special? For one, it provides constant feedback to the motor. Condition monitoring is performed to regulate the motor speed, temperature, voltage, and more.

The advantages of having only one interface are countless. As we all know, space is often a very limited resource. Fortunately, the HIPERFACE DSL® encoder minimizes the number of required connections to the motor, which saves precious space. Not only that, but a single cable makes for a quicker and easier installation process. No more hassle of dealing with multiple connections or entry points into the enclosure!

This also means that there are less points of error. Eliminate the worry of motor failure and unplanned downtime. With the HIPERFACE DSL® encoder, the likelihood of encountering these costly errors is greatly reduced, furthermore saving you the time, money, and worry of maintenance.

STOBER motors utilize the single cable technology of the HIPERFACE DSL® encoder. We have plenty of inventory on hand and we are ready to build your perfect solution! Contact our team at (888) 786-2371 or for more information.

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