STOBER’s 3 Pillars

At STOBER Drives, we focus on 3 pillars as the foundation for our business. What are these pillars and how do they help STOBER be the gold standard in the gearbox industry?

1. Quality. Our top priority is to ensure that every customer is ultimately satisfied with the products and services they receive. We do this by extensively inspecting and testing our efficient, no maintenance gearboxes in our newly-renovated quality lab. To ensure quality service, we provide continuous training opportunities for all employees so they have the skills needed to best serve you.

2. Delivery. Our gearboxes are assembled and shipped to the customer as quickly as possible, with 1-day build and ship. Such rapid delivery and sets differentiates STOBER from other gearbox manufacturers.

3. Service. Our employees are available to assist you 24 hours a day. When you call STOBER, you won’t be greeted by an automated messaging system. A live person will be on the other end of your call in just 3 rings or less. Our team will support you along the way from design to purchase. We offer warranties on all of our products along with aftermarket support and emergency service. When you need us, we are there.

STOBER’s pillars establish focus on our top 3 priorities—quality, delivery, and service. If you’re interested in learning more about STOBER or speaking to a product specialist, call 1-800-711-3588.

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