Stober Expands Production with 3rd Shift

STOBER will be launching a third shift for production in August. For several years, STOBER has been running two shifts for production and three shifts for manufacturing. The addition of 3rd shift will allow us to increase our production capacity, utilize workstations more effectively, and improve order flow, all while improving the satisfaction of our customers.

“By adding a third shift, we will be able to serve our customers better and provide 24/5 support for production. Our emergency line is available 24/7 if a customer has a breakdown,” said Peter Feil, General Manager. Check out this video ( ) to get a look inside STOBER’s production process.

Feil also mentioned that several veteran employees will be moving to this shift to accommodate for the change in schedule.

This news comes at a great time for STOBER. Recently, expansion has been underway across many areas of the company. With a newly-renovated manufacturing floor and quality lab, STOBER’s production is more efficient than ever before.

There are still many changes to be made to prepare for the upcoming 3rd shift production. However, one thing remains: STOBER’s people, processes, and products help us be geared to a higher standard.

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