STOBER Drives Inc. Grows by Investing in Employees

You may not expect to find a wealth of job candidates well-versed in modern engineering practices in Maysville, Kentucky. The Ohio River town—60 miles southeast of Cincinnati with a population of less than 10,000—is a former tobacco hub with a poverty rate above the national average.

But STOBER Drives Inc., a German-owned gearbox manufacturer with its North American operations in Maysville, is changing that.

“We’re in rural America,” says STOBER Vice President and General Manager Peter Feil. “We don’t have engineers and machinists walking around the streets of our community, ready to go. We can’t hire people right off the street, like you can in some other industries.

So to create the workforce it needs, in the mid-2000s, STOBER began an initiative aimed at creating a more stable work force.

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