Reduce Inefficiencies in the Food Industry with STOBER

Failed gearboxes can cost a company hundreds of dollars an hour. For some food processors, that can turn into millions. Fortunately, investing in a durable STOBER gearbox can help you prevent downtime and save money.

Our team once helped a Midwest meat processor reduce downtime and improve their production efficiency. The customer was using a competitor’s gearbox on their loin kicker, which was constantly failing, resulting in lost time and money. The problem? Shock loads. The shock load caused the amp draw on the motor to spike, which made the gearbox fail.

STOBER sent two engineers to visit the plant and evaluate the application. They determined the gearbox needed a higher service factor and replaced it with a STOBER gearbox. Our gearbox also included a peak torque booster, which is designed to handle shock loads.

The STOBER solution has lasted for years and the processor no longer deals with failing units. This is just one example of the thousands of applications that our team has optimized.

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