Power Tips: Minimizing Reducer Mounting Failures

Mounting doesn’t have to be a hassle. Follow these simple steps to minimize reducer mounting failures. When installing a motor, make sure the coupling is the specified distance from the motor face. If not, axial thrust loads could occur and result in failure of the motor bearings and/or adapter bearings. It’s also important to understand how manufacturers label mounting positions. If not, an improper selection could be made, which could lead to component failures. Also ensure that you are aware of any modifications that are made by manufacturers depending on the selected mounting position.

Mounting position is vital and determines the gearbox’s oil quantity which ensures all gears and bearings are properly lubricated. If there is too much or too little oil in the unit, major problems can arise.

Mounting doesn’t have to be a hassle. STOBER has made it simple by allowing for any horizontal mounting. Our units can be mounted in all 4 horizontal output positions without any additional modifications. For more information and to see options for torque arm mounting, click “Learn More” below.

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