Power Tips: How to Solve Machine Design Challenges

According to The Aberdeen Group, 69% of machine designers say shorter product development schedules is their top machine design challenge. Inefficient supplier communication and limited design time can cause delays in schedules, resulting in missed deadlines.

Fortunately, STOBER can help you save time and simplify your supplier decisions. We offer several ways to help design engineers find a solution quickly and efficiently. With our online Configurator, you can build a gearbox or motor, download drawings, and request quotes. You can also get advanced sizing with ServoSoft. These tools are free for anyone to use.

Our engineers are available 24/7 to assist you. Don’t waste your time browsing through catalogs or our website to find what you need. Simply call us at (888) 786 2371 or email sales@stober.com and we can have your order quoted and shipped in just 1 day!

Check out our Power Tips episode for more information.

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