Power Tips: How to Select the Best Oil for Your Gearbox

Oil is one of the most vital parts of a gearbox, yet many manufacturers treat it as an afterthought. A leaking gearbox can be a maintenance nightmare, especially in food and beverage applications.

Before selecting a gearbox, ask these 5 questions about oil:

1. What tests are done on the oil? A flender test is common and allows you to determine if antifoaming additives are needed.

2. Who controls the oil composition? Oil manufacturers should be responsible for the composition.

3. What is the oil’s composition? The necessary composition depends on your application. In some applications, additives might be needed.

4. What type of oil do I need for my application? Mineral or synthetic oil?

5. How is the oil filtered? Metal shavings can float in the oil and damage the seals if the oil is not properly filtered. Magnetic oil plugs can be used to extract these shavings.

At STOBER, we evaluate our lubrication thoroughly. Our Exxon Mobil lubrication has undergone substantial testing and analysis to ensure that we can handle your application. We also use magnetic oil plugs to remove any contaminants from the oil.

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