Power Tips: How to Save Millions on Gearbox Inventory

Did you know that most companies have $1 million worth of inventory in their plants they can’t use? Fortunately, there are ways you can optimize your storeroom and reclaim some of this money. Here are 3 tips for optimizing your gear reducer inventory:

1. Work with suppliers that have short deliveries. Having a partner with quick turnaround times means you don’t have to stock as many reducers.

2. Purchase units with flexible options. By investing in flexible reducers that can be used in multiple line locations, you will be able to reduce your inventory.

3. Standardize on what reducers your lines need. Consider doing ratio and line speed assessments to determine if you can minimize the number of ratios needed in your reducers.

Since 1991, STOBER has been saving customers thousands of dollars in inventory and directly contributing to their bottom line. Our team can evaluate your lines and find ways to optimize your storeroom. Click “Learn More” below to see how we helped one plant reduce their number of SKUs and save a significant amount of money.

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