Power Tips: How to Prevent Water Ingress in Your Gearbox

Have you ever experienced water ingress in a gearbox? If so, you’re not alone. Ingress is a common cause of premature gearbox failure and results in lost time and productivity.

In this video, Mathew Neff, STOBER’s National Sales Manager, shares tips for preventing ingress. Water and cleaning chemicals can enter a gearbox through output seals, the seal between the motor and the gearbox, breathers, vents, and motor weep holes. We have found that weep holes are the most common point of entry. When liquids are retained inside a unit, it can cause devastating damage to the internal components and lubrication.

So, how can you stop ingress from occurring in your gearbox in washdown applications? Here are some simple tricks outline in the video:

1. Use a gearbox that is IP69K certified.

2. Make sure output seals and the seal between the motor and the gearbox are capable of withstanding liquids.

3. Select a unit without breathers, vents, and weep holes. If your gearbox has weep holes, use appropriate materials to seal them.

Looking for a gearbox that offers all of this and more? Not only are STOBER gearboxes IP69K certified, they also have a 9.1 year average mean time to failure in harsh washdown environments and come with a 3 year warranty.

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