Power Tips: How to Handle Shaft Loads

Gearbox failure due to shaft loads is a common struggle that many of our customers have faced. When sizing your application, it is important to consider factors that might affect loads. Otherwise, you could experience premature wear due to stress on the bearings or seals.

Here are 2 simple tricks to improve your gearbox’s ability to handle shaft loads:

1. Ensure the correct service factor is applied to your gearbox’s rating. If you don’t look at the details, you may design a machine based on ratings that don’t fit your application.

2. Look for gearboxes that allow you to pick bearing options. This will improve your shaft load capacity and minimize the risk of premature wear.

STOBER’s engineering team has extensive experience sizing applications dealing with shaft loads. We will help you every step of the way to ensure you find the best solution for your application.

Watch our Power Tips episode to get more tips for handling shaft loads.

Watch the Episode

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