Power Tips: How STOBER Supports You After the Sale

Even with the most reliable gear reducer, sometimes your machine may not be performing as expected. Fortunately, STOBER is here to help!

At STOBER, our goal is to help you keep your gearbox running as long as possible. That’s why we offer fast, personalized aftermarket services. We have 4 levels of analysis to inspect products, including:

1. Basic. A visual evaluation for failure is conducted by our team.

2. Mid-level. Our service department samples the unit’s oil and inspects bearings, seals, and gearing. A root cause analysis is performed.

3. High-level. The original manufacturer evaluates the unit. Plus, STOBER performs a gearing inspection and a root causes analysis.

4. International level. The unit is sent to STOBER Germany for further inspection.

Our team can analyze your unit, determine the root cause, and make repairs, saving you a significant amount of time and money! We can also help with machine design evaluation, sizing the application, and provide advice on how you can make your gear reducer last longer.

For aftermarket service, contact our service support team at (888) 786-2371 or service@stober.com .

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