Power Tips: Finding Global Support for Your Machine

Finding a global mechatronics supplier that provides 24/7 support is difficult. Supplier relationships can be vital to the efficiency of your business, so it’s important to consider these 3 things when looking for a global partner:

1. Location – Where are the assembly centers located? It is best to have suppliers with facilities in multiple locations so you are better protected in the event that a location faces a hardship or is unable to fulfill your supply needs.

2. Product Compatibility – Look for a supplier whose gearboxes and motors can work with a variety of controller and drive manufacturers.

3. Support – Can the supplier adequately support you whenever you need them? Consider language and other possible barriers.

STOBER has the experience, knowledge, and products to support you. We have 3 production centers, 11 sales offices, and more than 80 service centers around the world. No matter your application, we have a solution. STOBER is here for you.

Check out our Power Tips episode for more information.

Watch the Power Tips episode

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